iDOO Single Size Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow

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Style: UK


Ergonomic Integrated Pillow

iDOO air bed with 9cm raised pillow provides head and neck support and extra-spinal support with bed-like comfort for a memorable night's sleep.

Built-in Electric Pump

The easy-to-use pump quickly inflates/deflates the air mattress in 3 mins to achieve your desired comfort level with the switch of a button. Whether you like a firm/soft air mattress, iDOO has you covered.

Thicking waterproof top & extra-strong support

features a comfortable waterproof flocked top layer and puncture-resistant eco-friendly PVC combine with 18 internal air coils structure that enhances durability and support, keeping your bed flat and stable. Note: Do not wear or bring sharp objects onto the mattress. Clean up the area before place the air bed.

Perfect Single size

This inflatable mattress has inflated dimensions of 192*105*46cm(Pillow 55cm) and a weight capacity of 249kg, A travel bag and puncture repair patchesis are included. The deflated compact size is only 33*18*32cm and merely weighs 5.9kg for easy packing and transportation. Suitable for camping, travel, guest beds, etc.


PVC Material will naturally stretch and expand during use. After being inflated and/or having been slept on for several days, the air mattress may lose some of its initial firmness due to the PVC expanding. This is normal and is not the result of an air leak. Add air to the mattress to regain your desire firmness level using the built-in air pump. If you are using the air mattress for more than one night, supplement the mattress each day with 10-15 seconds of air to maintain its firmness.