iDOO Single Inflatable Bed, Air with Built-in Pillow

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PVC is a ductile material. After being inflated for several days, the air mattress may lose some of its initial firmness due to the PVC expanding. This occurrence is normal and is not the result of an air leak. To regain the desired level of firmness, add air for 10-15 seconds using the built-in pump.
Please note: do not wear or bring sharp objects into contact with the mattress. Before inflating the air bed, make sure that the ground is level and safe to ensure optimal use and a long life of the product.

Integrated Pillow Design 

The iDOO air bed features a raised pillow, providing a height of 9cm for additional support to the head and neck, as well as the spine. For additional height, use your own pillow and increase the desired ergonomic comfort.

Built-in Pump

Use the pump to inflate or deflate the air mattress in 3 minutes in the blink of an eye. Arrangement of absolute simplicity.

Perfect single size

mattress dimensions of 188x99x46cm (pillow 55cm) and a weight bearing capacity of up to 250kg, for maximum sleeping comfort.

Extra-Sturdy Support

Structure of 21 internal air coils, which promotes durability and support, and a raised edge, which keeps the bed flat and stable.


Features a comfortable velvety waterproof top layer, plus eco-friendly puncture resistant PVC.

Easy storage

travel bag included. Compact size: 34 x 18 x 39cm. 5.8kg in weight when deflated for easy packing and transport. Suitable for going camping, traveling, welcoming guests, etc.