iDOO Indoor Electric Space Heater with Remote Control

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Fast heating in 2 seconds

iDOO electric space heaters increase the temperature in any room, taking it from cold to warm in an instant with the powerful 3,100 rpm fan and 2,000 W PTC technology. This space heater also features 3 heating modes. conventional heating that provides a range of temperatures that you can choose and instantly switch to to suit your needs.

Energy saving

iDOO indoor space heater is equipped with the unique energy-efficient PTC ceramic heater, so that 100% of the electricity consumed is transformed into heat. Only 50% of the energy required by traditional systems is enough to produce the same level of thermal comfort. It can help homeowners save a lot on their annual energy bills.

Quiet Heating

iDOO Indoor Space Heater features a quiet fan design and the quiet airflow allows you to sleep peacefully and work undisturbed in the cold winter. This room heater operates silently and you will practically hear nothing while it is on.
Certified Safety: Our indoor heaters equipped with safety features, such as a self-regulating ceramic element, overheat protection sensor, tip-over safety switch, V-0 flame retardant material, no odor and timer from 1 to 12 hours. Additionally, the "cool touch" outer surface offers an extra level of safety when the space heater is operating around children and pets.

Widespread and Compact Oscillation

Keep your space covered at all times with a 60° wide-angle oscillation that spreads airflow all over for 360-degree warmth, quickly eliminate cold spots in your home, office and basement. The ceramic heater is small and compact to maximize ease of transport around the home. A handy integrated curved handle design allows you to easily lift it and move it from room to room.

Easy-to-use heater

The LED smart touchscreen is positioned above the heater, making it easier to reach, and the remote control provides full access from up to 8 meters away. You can easily check the desired settings. Warm ambient light setting: Press the light button to turn on the ambient light, providing blue, red and purple light options, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of the space heater even at night.